Tibetan Buddhist 3 Faces Mala beads


Country of origin Nepal
No. Of Bead 108 Beads
Bead Size 6 to 7 mm

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Prayer beads are used in many forms of Mahayana Buddhism. In Tibetan Buddhism malas are also 108 beads: one mala counts as 100 mantras, and the eight extra are meant to be dedicated to all sentient beings (the practice as a whole is dedicated at its end as well).
Various type of materials are used to make mala beads such as seeds of the rudraksha, beads made from the wood of the tulsi plant, animal bone, wood or seeds from the Bodhi Tree (a particularly sacred tree of the species Ficus religiosa) or of Nelumbo nucifera (the lotus plant). Semi-precious stones like carnelian and amethyst are also used.